From Szlávics to Szlávics – the exhibition of László Szlávics Sr. and Jr. opens in the Szolnok Gallery

50th solo exhibition of László Szlávics Jr. in the building of the Szolnok Synagogue.

Greetings: dr. László Horváth is the director of the János Damjanich Museum

The exhibition will be opened by: Róbert Péter Csiszár, curator and director of the exhibition

Designer of the building: Lipót Baumhorn, year of construction: 1899., renovation: 1960, 1972, building photos: Gyula Rácz, Christi


Exhibition of László Szlávics Sr. in the exhibition space on the ground floor:


Works by László Szlávics Jr. in the upstairs exhibition space:


A new exhibition is being built in the Gallery, Szolnok Television’s report on the organization of the exhibition 08/01/2020.

Szolnok Television’s program called Kultúrkorzó about the exhibition 12/02/2020