Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the exhibition of the Szlávics masters.
It might be best to start with the simple one; it will get more complicated anyway.
The two artists, László Szlávics Jr. and Sr. are father and son.
300, 500 or even 5000 years ago nothing was more natural for the young ones to follow their parents’ trade; the painters’ sons used to become painters, in the Bach family generations of musicians followed each other. Nowadays if children follow in their parents’ footsteps, it may cause trouble, since this age, the Age of Market Economy is about competition. You are the rival of the others, so you have to beat them and if opportunity arises, wipe them out. Not all the people have the heart to do so; thus, the young ones are often worried whether they will be able to outperform their fathers or not.
Would the Market, today’s judging god recognise their efforts? Dostoievsky described the atmosphere of his age, saying that ‘it crosses everybody’s mind to kill his father’. And Freud later also elaborated the theory of father complex. Needless to say, nowadays parents often see rivals in their children as well. We don’t know whether the father complex had any victims in the artist families during the ancient religious ages before the Age of Market Economy.

Gábor Czakó: Ladies and Gentlemen...